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Services We Offer

Our office strives to meet all of your dental care needs and provides a variety of quality services in Northeast Philadelphia. For a comprehensive list of what we can offer you and for specific questions regarding your dental situation, please contact our office in Holmesburg, Philadelphia, at 215-624-2508.
Gum Disease Treatment


Are you suffering from:


  • Swollen gums?

  • Bright red gums?

  • Tender or painful gums?

  • Bleeding gums?

  • Bad breath?


If so, you may have gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Here at the office we can help you take steps towards improving your oral hygiene and give you back your beautiful smile. 


Cavity Treatment


Nobody likes to hear that they have a cavity, but you can relax knowing that we can help you, even with the scariest cavity around! Our office is equipped to help you improve your overall oral hygiene and to treat your cavities so that you can get back to the more important things in life. 


Crowns and Bridges


Do you have chipped, discolored, decaying, or dead teeth? If so, our office can help! We offer sturdy and reliable crown and bridge services that can keep you feeling confident about your smile for many years to come. 

We also offer anterior root canals, please call the office for more information. 



Though we understand that no set of dentures can rival your natural teeth, we are confident that our dentures can give you the confidence to smile widely again in any situation. Contact us with questions about the right set of dentures for you.


Preventative Care

A beautiful smile starts with the very basics of oral care. Here at the office we offer:


  • Regular dental checkups

  • Cleaning 

  • Flouride treatments

  • Night guards

  • and many more!

Dental Implants

​Missing teeth can take a toll on your ability to eat, speak, and even your self-esteem. In conjunction with the periodontists in the region, we offer limited dental implant work to help you get back to the prime of your oral health. Please call the office for more information. 

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